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Grand opening of CHILDREN HUB in Lviv

Grand opening of CHILDREN HUB in Lviv

Grand opening of CHILDREN HUB in Lviv

On November 5, at the new location in Lviv, st. Heroiv UPA, 80, the grand opening of CHILDREN HUB and LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB took place at once. 

At the event, the forced migrant families with children living in Lviv, along with the children and parents of the large LEVCHYK community, were invited to the venue. 

Little guests were greeted at the entrance by a shaggy lion, and in the festively decorated hall, goodies, dozens of games, and fun with animators awaited them.

"We didn't even expect such a level of organization! Here, everything is thought out to the smallest detail — the rooms, equipment for classes, even the windows face the park, we will definitely go for a walk in it after classes,” says Olha, mother of 3-year-old Alisa with ASD who has been visiting the hub since its foundation. "And the most important thing is that LEVCHYK and CHILDREN HUB are located in the same place — now Alisa's brother will be able to attend free educational classes as well."

Then, according to age, children and their parents were invited to attend the first art therapy classes (drawing and sculpting), watch a cartoon in English, and learn new words. At the same time, classes for the pupils of the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB were held in brand-new rooms for sensory integration and ABA therapy.

Olha Gliuza, Head of the "Children" project, met parents who applied to visit the CHILDREN HUB and spoke in more detail about the hub’s work. 

"We aim to make it comfortable for all children and parents to visit the hub. For now, we operate according to the schedule in the test mode; in the future, we will adjust it according to the individual daily routine of each child," said Olha Gliuza.

Vadym Stolar, a patron of the CHILDREN HUB and LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB projects, came to the event with his children. Children from the LEVCHYK made a special surprise for him — drew a picture on their own. 

"I am glad to see that many new IDP families with children came to the opening. For me, that confirms the fact of the importance of these projects. I am grateful to the foundation team and all methodologists and teachers for organizing the event! Special thanks to the little lion cubs for the wonderful painting! For me, this is an invaluable gift!" — Vadym Stolar shared his impressions.

At the end of the event, a cake and gifts for the little guests from our partners awaited everyone.

Thanks to Frozen Food and Good Bread inclusive bakery for the treat at the event, the Dante Kids animators for fun entertainment for children, and special thanks to the photographer Oleksiy Syrotkin and the videographer Nazar Paliushko for the recorded unique memories of the opening day! 

We kindly remind you that CHILDREN HUB Lviv works for children whose families have become forced migrants, and children who have lost one or both parents due to the war.

Classes will be held separately for two age categories — 3-5 and 5–7 years.

You can book a visit for your child for 3 hours twice a week. The working hours of the hub are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the first, second, and third shifts.

Attending classes is free!

To sign up for classes, please fill out the form.

Documents for enrollment:

1. Copies of completed passport pages and ID numbers of the mother/father or the child’s legal guardian. 

2. Copy of the birth certificate of the child. 

3. A certificate of the child's IDP status or a document certifying the loss of a guardian due to the war.

See you in classes at the new location! Lviv, st. Heroiv UPA, 80.